Our Cancellation Policy

      Travel plans can often change without warning. Our services support you so that you can still reach your destination. Using online refund option, various flight bookings can be cancelled and refunded online up to 24 hours before the beginning of your trip. Refund and/or cancellation of the purchased ticket are dependent on the type of ticket purchased.

How do I cancel my flight?
Log on to the respective Website of your flight provider and click on View/Change bookings on the homepage. One of the listed features here allows you to cancel your flight. You can also connect with the respective Call Centre or go to respective Airport Counter.

What else does View/Change bookings let me do?
Other than cancelling your flight, you can ask for your refund through this feature. Refunds through this feature will be processed only for tickets booked on the respective website.

Can I use my cancelled ticket later?
No. But you can retain the balance after deduction of applicable charges as a Credit Note or Credit Shell for your next booking. The Credit Note or Credit Shell can be redeemed in the future but only for reservations made on the respective website or through the respective call centre, and only for the same passenger for whom the ticket was cancelled.

Till when can I cancel my booking online and get a refund?
2 hours before flight departure for domestic flights OR 4 hours before flight departure on international flights

How much will cancelling an respective flight cost me?
When cancelling a domestic flight, you will be charged INR 3,000 or the airfare charge (whichever is lower). For an international flight it will cost you INR 6,000 or the airfare charge (whichever is lower). Cancellation charges for international flights may vary. Check official flight provider website.